Sunday, May 29, 2016

The "Fun at the park" event went well, the weather was fine (it wasn't too hot under the trees with a slight breeze). We started out with breakfast at Debbs Place restaurant at 8am and then headed out to Sunnidale Park. Lots of tall trees for antenna supports here.
Conditions weren't the best but we were hearing a number of SSB stations (lots of contest CW) on 40m, 20m and even 17m. Didn't hear anyone in the "1st International Field Radio Event".
All in all, everyone had a good time.

List of those taking part:
Al VE3RRD (in photo Fun in the park1) operating the club TS-480SAT powered from battery and using both a half-size G5RV (10m-40m) and an end fed (10m-80m).
Jack VE3RDQ (also in photo 1) hiding behind Al

Andy VA3TNE (in photo 2) with his KX3 and comfortable operating chair (using an end-fed antenna)
Ken VE3KDG (also in photo 2) oops! where did Ken's head go?

Ian VA3QT (his equipment is in photo 3 and 4) Photo 3 shows Ian's Buddipole on the tripod. Photo 4 shows his "portable" HF data station.

Also there but no picture was William VE3HME who operated HF mobile from his vehicle with a wire antenna up the nearest tree.

John VE3FDZ who was taking the pictures.

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