Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Here are a couple of pictures of my BITX40. I was able to get the DDS upgrade kit from HFsigs.com, so I dropped the idea of making my own from an Arduino Nano and AD9850 DDS. The transceiver is mounted in a 1/4 inch plastic and aluminum angle stock frame. The microphone is a small plastic box with PTT switch glued in hole on side and the mic element hole on the end (so it can be used either left or right handed). I found that the speaker I have mounted to the right of the circuit board didn't produce the best audio experience, so I added a socket to the back panel to plug in an external speaker which has very good audio.  73, AL - VE3RRD


  1. Nice build; looks like you added a power switch (red toggle) too. I have not read anything about a power switch other than the one on the back of the Volume pot which only seems to power the Raduino/display. 73, Karl

  2. Hi Karl, yes I installed a power switch on the back which turns the DC on-off for the entire radio. Most are using the switch on the volume control for this, but I feel that continuously having to turn the volume control to switch off the radio could lead to wear/intermittent operation of the volume control. With a separate switch, the volume control only gets moved to change volume.
    Since that picture was taken, I have added a hinged clear plastic top and two push buttons for FUNCTION and FINE TUNE for use with the latest PE1NWL raduino firmware.